Echo 4X4 Trailers

A New Era in Off-Road Exploration

The Echo 4X4 trailers are constructed of superior materials and designed to be lightweight yet robust, able to handle the most severe conditions.

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Echo 4X4 Trailers

Proven to go the Distance

Tough, compact and well equipped, this trailer is reliable and durable

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Echo 4X4 Caravans

Rugged Comfort

Innovative, luxurious and aerodynamic. Our 4X4 caravans achieve all that and have go-anywhere toughness as an inherent principle.

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Echo4, Echo 5 & Kavango Xtreme

Our range will be expanding.

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Echo 4X4 Trailers and Caravans Perth - Where the Adventure Begins

It's about taking the adventure off-road, where you want to go....And in 5-star luxury! Xtreme is your local WA Echo 4x4 Agent.

Echo 4x4 is now established as a powerhouse in the development of high quality, tough products such as off road trailers, innovative caravans, conditioned quad trailers and many more products in the 4x4 wheel drive industry.

See our range of Echo off road 4X4 trailers and Caravans below.

Echo 4 4X4 Trailer

From $22990

Echo 4

Rugged Comfort
The ECHO 4 is an extreme off road camper and  a step up from conventional off road trailer.  With enhanced features, such as ample storage, dust sealing , water distribution, this trailer is a  reliable addition to the 4x4 enthusiast. This rugged  off-road trailer is known for its comfort and it is  easy to tow, making it one of the ltimate campers  to suit any wilderness adventure. Tried and trusted, The ECHO 4 remains a favourite for the serious outdoor explorer.

Fuel Capacity: 2 x 20 Litre Jerry Cans.
Water: 1 x 100 Litre Tank
Battery: 1 x 80 AMP Hour Deep Cycle
Battery Charger: 14 AMP
Inverter: Optional
Fridge: Optional
Sleeps: 2 - 4 Adults

standard items
2 x Jerry can Brackets 
1 x Spare Wheel 

LOAD Body Size
Length: 1330mm
Width: 1040mm
Height: 900mm
Total Volume(L): 1245L

Total Length: 3710mm 
Width: 1800mm 
Height: 1530mm 
Wheel Base: 15" Wheels Centre to 
Centre of wheels 1550mm 
Weight: 445kg


Echo 5 4X4 Trailer

From $29990

Echo 5

A New Era in Off-Road Exploration.
The most rugged and spacious addition to the ECHO range. The ECHO 5 is constructed of superior materials and designed to be lightweight yet robust, able to handle the most severe conditions. It has earned the title of the most durable high performance off road product. It is not often that you get these features coupled with style that puts it a cut above the rest.

Trailing Arm Independent Suspension
Alko Electric Brakes
16" 215 Wheels

Body Width: 1500mm
Body Height: 1020mm
Body Length: 2200mm
Trailer Width: 1860mm
Trailer Height: 1600mm
Trailer Length: 3860mm
Trailer Weight: 590kg

1 x Spare Wheel (Main Body) 
2 x Jerry can Brackets (Main Body) 
1 x Vanity Compartment 
1 x Gas bottle Compartment

Echo 6 4X4 Trailer

From $34990

Echo 6

Leaps into Technology
The newly launched ECHO 6 off-road trailer was developed over a three year period. Only the highest tech-design system were used to optimise all the available space and significantly reduce weight and maintenance. Towing features have been adapted to create maximum perormance behind the towing vehicle. Ease of use and ease of operation have now combinedin this robust unit

Tare: 544kg 
GVM: 1800kg 
Coupler: At 50m/m Ball 
Trailing Arm Independent Suspension
Alko Electric Brakes
16" 215 Wheels


Echo 4X4 Kavango Caravan

From $58990

Kavango Xtreme

The Kavango Xtreme is a luxurious off-road caravandesigned to exceed the expectations of any serious camper. This innovative caravan is equipped with a walk in bathroom fitted with a shower (with a gas geyser), toilet, basin and amirror so you no longer have to sacrifice any of your luxuries at home when you go camping.

a Kitchen equipped for 6 with a fridge, gas stove, wash & dry rack for your dishes and a drawer for storage is just a few of the additional options that you can add on to your Kavango Xtreme. The Unit is fitted with plenty of storage compartments inside the unit, so no bags will be needed. The Kavango Xtreme sleeps 4-6 people (Depending on adults and children) The Kavango Xtreme comes standard without wood or Metal components on the inside which means that no wood can rot and no metal can rust making this product very durable.

The Kavango Xtreme is fitted with a Power Panel box which has 2x 220V AC 150 Watt (2 point) inverter output as well as 1x 3point 220/240V AC power supply, an integrated 120 Watt Solar panel charger, and many other features comes with this great power unit.

When the caravan is pitched the standard PVC side awning ensures that you have enough shade at your camp site, making it easy to clean and durable for any environment. Awnings can be stored easily in the roof cover when the unit is being elevated. A Preparation surface open up from the trailer with a loose standing stainless steel table that slides out giving you two preparation surfaces.

The Kavango Xtreme is easily pitched and elevated and it all can be done by one person. The Kavango Xtreme comes with an independent suspension which makes towing very easy, very stable and very comfortable. Ensuring that wherever you drive no dust will be get into your unit because of this products being 100% dust proof.

Xtreme Campers

Xtreme was established to help bring Australians some of the safest, most technically advanced products from Australia and around the world, for the outgoing adventurer to the rural producer, boasting the latest in world design trends and Australian ingenuity at Xtremely Affordable Prices!

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